What's new for 2022

Hi to all TLI Cycling members past and present.

I am pleased to announce that Rider HQ can now accept your licence renewal for 2022. To align ourselves with several external factors, we have decided that Memberships will commence on 1st January 2022 so renewals are due from that date.

We will be implementing a change in the format for moving up through the age categories. From 1st January 2022, your racing age [and thus category] will be determined by the age you attain in the ensuing year. This brings us in line with all the other racing bodies. Under 18’s will continue in the established format.

We will be introducing a new level of membership termed either “Non-racing or Associate”. This category is to ensure that anyone stewarding in any way at a TLI Cycling event can avail themselves of the Insurance cover which Racing members enjoy.  In most cases, the cost of this licence/membership will be met by either the race organiser or the club/team promoting the event. This can be accessed on RiderHQ online via phone, so will be available on the day of an event.

The pandemic has taken its toll on the costs which TLI Cycling encounters on your behalf. This is most severely felt in our Insurance costs. In order for us to remain viable, membership costs have had to be re-examined. From 1st January 2022 Full adult membership will cost £20, all under 18’s will be £10. Associate or non-racing will also be £10. These changes have already been implemented on RiderHQ. We consider these rises to be minimal, in view of what other Associations charge and hope this will not discourage participation in any way.

We will also be introducing a small levy of £2 per rider per entry on all races to assist in subsiding the high cost of Insurance. It has also come to our attention that there is an extremely high cost involved in allowing day memberships/licences. They had been restricted to closed-circuit races for the last few years but were still a major cost, far beyond what was being paid and the minimal benefit that they offered. There will be no more day licences, riders wishing to participate in events who are not members can take out a full licence online for pretty much the equivalent cost of offering the day licence service. The major impact will be on under 18 riders, but for us to continue offering day licences for them would have meant an even more significant increase in cost for adult rider’s memberships. This is unfortunate but unavoidable as the inherent risks in those younger age categories coupled with litigious parents have led to these restrictions.

Tim Ball and Ian Noons, who have taken on the responsibility of Race Administrators have assembled a calendar of events for 2022 and this will be posted by their organisers onto Rider HQ over the next few weeks. There are still some free dates so don’t hesitate to contact Tim to discuss promoting an event in 2022. [timball359@gmail.com]

The National Road Race and Closed Circuit Championships will be held on the Isle of Man in September, watch this space for announcements and possible package deals.

The Board of Directors [Geoff Rawlinson, Ian Noons, Geoff Saxon, Tim Ball, Mark Wood, Mark Astles and myself] have now got to grips with all of the issues that just a few weeks ago seemed insurmountable. We are looking forward to getting TLI Cycling back to the 2018/19 levels and hope the package we are now offering will see a vibrant and viable vehicle through which this can return can be facilitated.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Racing Year from me and The Board of Directors

Graham Weigh