TLI Cycling Organisers Update for Events in 2021 (And All Current Members for Info)

Dear TLI Cycling Event Organiser (& All Members for Info)

Thank you for whatever support you have been able to provide during this exceptional year! It has been challenging, but the important thing is that you, your family and clubmates remain well.

TLI Cycling has been pleased to support a return to a full racing programme on the Isle of Man, as well as a number of Club TTs on the Mainland. In 2020 we have still been able to support 1,300 individual starts in competitive events!

The good news is that, although we can't yet see a return to grouped-start racing on the UK Mainland, we are in a position to support you and your Club, whenever and where ever it is permitted to race safely, under National and Local regulations or guidelines. To enable racing to resume when it is legal and safe to do so, please be aware of and respond asap where appropriate to the following points: -

  • TLI Cycling continues to welcome Event Applications for Time Trials held in accordance with our guidelines. See the TT section in the Promoters Pack and the Covid RA guidance, both in the "Downloads" section of our website.
  • Assuming that you wish to promote in 2021, please go to RiderHQ and simply change the date on your 2020 event to the corresponding date in 2021. All the info will be transferred to next year and the event will then require "Approval" from your Region Coordinator or Representative, before going "Live". Please try to do this asap but do be aware that grouped-start events in March/April may not be possible.
  • If you or your Club will be unable to promote in 2020 or will require a change from the 2020 comparable date in 2021, please get in touch with you Coordinator/Rep asap.
  • If you are aware of any potential new organisers/events, please forward this email to them for info. We can then allocate space, freed up or otherwise, on next years calendar.
  • There are no changes planned to our Rules & Regs for 2021 and I am also delighted to inform you that all the National & Regional reps remain in place for next year.

Finally, the TLI Cycling membership year runs until the end of January so please do not attempt to rejoin before the New Year. All our National Championships are planned to run on the corresponding weekend to 2020 in 2021. (Thanks GWRT).

In another Email, we will send out a date planning calendar to organisers, which includes the proposed BMCR Championship dates where known.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe,

Nigel Harrop, TLI Cycling National Secretary.

CC: TLI Cycling Website & National FB Page for info.