November 2019 News

Dear TLI Cycling Member / Prospective Members
Following the annual meeting on 27/10/19 I would like to bring the following to your attention: –


There will be NO change to the annual Full Membership fees for 2020. (Youth-FREE; Juniors-£10; 18 & Older-£15).
However the cost for Day Membership (Juniors and Older, NOT Youth Members) will be £10 per event in 2020. (From £5 in 2019)


The wide range of insurance provision is secured for a further 3 years, up to and including 2022. For clarification, Third Party Liability indemnity, for Juniors & older members, covers general riding (apart from commuting) in the UK&NI, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. All members, including Youth Members, have Third Party Indemnity for all TLI Cycling events in the areas named above. Junior members and older also have Third Party indemnity in ICF sanctioned events in Europe.

TLI Cycling DIRECTORS 2020:

Rob Blackburn (NE & Yorks), has taken on the role of Director (with Nigel Harrop), filling the vacancy created by Geoff Readman’s resignation in 2018.

TLI Cycling MANAGEMENT 2020:

Mark Wood (NW), has been elected to the vacant position of National Treasurer. Mark will be supported by Tom Towers. Tom will act as Account Manager in a non-National Council role during 2020. Please address all day to day financial matters to Tom Towers in the first instance. There are no changes to Region Representatives or Event Coordinators


Given the imminent transfer to the RiderHQ admin system for 2020 there will be changes to our procedures for membership and event management from the start of 2020. You will be contacted by RiderHQ in the coming weeks with details of how to rejoin for the coming year.

Event Organisers will receive guidance on the procedure for placing proposed events for 2020 on the RHQ website, prior to receiving event approval from their Region Rep or Event Coordinator. Event Applications must be sent to your Region Rep or Event Coordinator as in previous years. The separate Organiser Registration procedure is now no longer necessary and has been removed.

CHANGE TO RACING RULE 2.9: Approved Cycling Helmets are now compulsory for ALL competitors in ALL TLI Cycling events, including Time Trials.


Circuit Race Championships 1 – Saturday 30th May, (Youth, J/WJ/E/F/G/H), Marsh Tracks, Rhyl, N Wales. GWRT
Circuit Race Championships 2 – Sunday 31st May, (S/M/A/B/C/D), Marsh Tracks, Rhyl, N Wales. GWRT
Road Race Championships 1 – Sunday 9th August, (J Male/S/M/A/B), Holt Circ. GWRT
Road Race Championships 2 – Sunday 16th August, (WJ Female/C/D/E/F/G/H) Holt Circ. GWRT
Time Trial Championship – Sunday 13th September (Juniors & Older) TBA GWRT
Hill Climb Championship – Sunday 27th September (Juniors & Older) TBA GWRT

Finally, and once again, Thank-you for all your support during the year and Very Best Wishes for a tremendous 2020 season from myself and from all your representatives on the National Council. Over the next few months we will provide you with the link to our new website for 2020. Do join the TLI Cycling National Facebook page for more updates and info.

If you have any questions / queries, please forward them to your Region Representative.

Nigel Harrop, Director & National Secretary