Lapierre Series Winners 2019

A racer celebrates on crossing the line first

It was a great pity that we lost events for various reasons, leaving only 4 counting races. Nonetheless they were hard fought and produced worthy winner, in some cases exceptional rides. Where riders have equal points then the most wins apply and if still equal the most 2nd places. Alan and Karl had exactly the same record.

Here’s the list of the Overall top ten and the Category winners.

To recap winners received 6 points down to 6th, 1 point except for group G/H where the points reflected to number of riders which was a maximum of 4.

Overall winner Thomas McCormack Element Cycling Team
Overall winner Thomas McCormack Element Cycling Team

Overall Series Results

PosNameClub / TeamPoints
1stThomas McCormackElement CT22
2ndDave CumingGWRT H221
3rdSteve Fidler3C Payments20
4thMark HammersleyGWRT H217
5thGareth McGuinessEnergy CC16
6thGraham WeighGWRT H216
7thKeith JonesGWRT H216
8thGeoff RawlinsonCRC15
9thKarl SmithBott CT14
9thAlan ForresterGWRT H214

Overall Category Winners

CatNameClub / TeamPoints
SMark WilkinsonElement CT10
MSteve Fidler3C Payments20
AThomas McCormackElement CT22
BNigel ModlinskyElement CT14
CGareth McGuinessEnergy CC16
DMark HammersleyGWRT H217
EGeoff RawlinsonSt. Helens CRC15
FDave CumingGWRT H221
G/HDave WoodsCC Luton11