Joining or Rejoining TLI Cycling for 2021

On behalf of TLI Cycling I would like to Thank-you for your support during an incredibly challenging year.

In 2020 TLI Cycling has maintained our provision to you of  Third Party Liability Insurance for cycling and, since June, supported a full Post-Covid racing programme on the Isle of Man, as well as some TTs on the mainland.

Hopefully, with the development of an effective vaccine, the situation will begin to recover during the Spring of 2021.

With that in mind I would like to also Thank the TLI Cycling organisers and their clubs, whose 2021 events are starting to appear on the RiderHQ Event Calendar.

MEMBERSHIP FEES 2021. (From NOW until 28th Feb 2022)

In recognition of the contribution to TLI Cycling provided by those of you who joined in 2020, we have reduced the re-joining fees for 2021 as follows: -

• All Categories ages 18 and older: £10 (New / Lapsed Members £15)

• Juniors, ages 16/17: £5 (New / Lapsed Members £10)

• Youth Members, ages 6 to 15/16: FREE. (New / Lapsed Members FREE)


All Junior Members & Olderare able to enter TLI Cycling events and receive the benefit of up to £10M Public Liability Indemnity for all TLI Cycling events, all training or general cycling, other than commuting. All organisers and other designated Race Officials also benefit from Employers and Director & Officers Cover.

Youth Members (Free Membership)are indemnified when participating in TLI Cycling competitive events only. Our aim in providing FREE Membership from our resources is to encourage the next generation of successful racing cyclists to experience the enjoyment and excitement of competive events..

THE MEMBERSHIP YEAR (From Now Until 28 February2022)

The Membership year runs until 28th Februaryeach year and you are able to renew for 2021/2 with immediate effect.

ALL DAY(NON) MEMBERS are Fully Insured for TLI Cycling Event Participation on the day of the event.

For Juniors and Older (Not Youth) Memberswho choose not to become Full Members in 2021 there is a £10 per day supplement to participate. This will be collected by organisers from 1st January 2021. This follows a temporary Covid related respite at the end of 2020.

To conclude, for simplicity, with the exception of the reduction in membership fees for 2020 members who are re-joining, we have not changed any racing or organisational rules for 2021.

Thank-you for your continuing support in 2021 and a warm welcome to all new, rejoining or lapsed members for the coming season.

Stay Safe & Best Wishes to You & Your Family,


Nigel Harrop

TLI Cycling National Secretary, for and on behalf of the  Region Representatives and Event Coordinators