January 2020 News

Dear Member,

Happy New Year from TLI Cycling and very Best Wishes for a rewarding cycling season in 2020.

As you will be aware, our Admin procedures for Membership and Event Promotion in 2020 will be managed through RiderHQ (RHQ). You will shortly receive an Email from RHQ which explains how to join or rejoin for the coming season.

Please DO NOT attempt to join or rejoin before Friday 3rd January. Your 2020 Membership Card will be Emailed to you in the coming week or so.

We are also pleased to inform you of the launch of our new TLI Cycling website at tlicycling.com All the relevant docs, including the 2020 Promoters Pack, are “Downloadable” from the new website. Some pages are still “under-development” and there will be a few minor revisions to text and docs in the coming months.

The old website, which has served us tremendously courtesy of Geoff Readman’s expertise, will remain available primarily for organisers who have events in Jan / Feb, for a few more months.

There is a link to RHQ on the new TLI Cycling website, or you can use the link on the forthcoming RHQ email.

The Race Calendar for 2020 should be similar, and in some regions even better, than in 2019. However please allow a few weeks to a month for the events to begin appearing on the RHQ site, and linked to our new TLI Cycling website. The next task is to bring 2020 organisers up to speed on how to input the necessary event details.

For your info, all the required insurance for members, competitors, organisers and officials is in place for 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you back for another successful cycling and cycle-racing season.

Kind Regards,

Nigel Harrop (for,and on behalf of, the National Management Team)