Chairman’s Report 2023

It’s that time of year again, the racing season has closed and it’s time for the Administrators to perform the final acts of the year. The TLI Cycling Executive held its Annual General Meeting at Cottons Hotel, Knutsford today. Company Secretary Mr. Nick Crook presided over the legal necessities and obligations of the Company and accepted the resignation of Tim Ball from his Directorship. The Board would like to take the opportunity to thank Tim for his sterling work in helping stabilize the boat after the various traumas we suffered due to the loss of our then Chairman and the reluctance of some of the then executives to assist in the renaissance we sought to bring about. Ian Noons will take on the full responsibility for both pre and post-race administration. Thank you to Ian Noons for again stepping up.
The various Directors reports were heard, recorded, and accepted. TLI Cycling is progressively moving back to the pre-covid levels of membership and the race programme for 2024 is filling out. The meeting closed early and it was decided to delay the lunch break and press on with the National Executive meeting.

The Executive welcomed the appointment of Keith Jones to the role of Assets and Procurement Manager, having fulfilled 95% of that role, in the current year in overseeing the storage and distribution of all our race equipment and the purchasing of replacements, etc.
We also welcomed the appointment of Michael Bell as PR and Media Officer. Those of you who have read his in-depth and highly entertaining race reports will fully understand our desire to, and pleasure at, having him join us in an official capacity. Gordon Wallace continues his role as head of the Social Media Police and Steven Cartwright, a legally qualified Health and Safety professional, also continues in his role and will make himself available to any would-be race Organisers in preparing and assessing Risk for the races.
Geoff Saxon, who ably administers all Insurance issues, and Mark Wood, our Financial Director, continue as directors, in those roles.
Geoff Rawlinson and I remain in office and will, as ever, be available to ALL the members to advise as and when required.

So, in 2024 TLI Cycling exists only to facilitate racing for all ages, with no gender differentials. Full membership for 2024 will cost £25, this being to maintain our financial stability and to further assist race organisers. Under 18 membership will be £15 and the cost for non-racing or Associate membership will be reduced to £5. Renewal of or new joining membership will start from today onwards for 2024 at the new rates. Such membership will give All members the continued benefit of the high level of Insurance coverage. details are available on the TLI Cycling website.

We have approved a new design for our various National Champions jerseys moving away from the old design which too closely mirrored a concept used by others. are continuing their support of our road races and will, in 2024, offer additional static marshals when requested. The executive will continue to support Organisers financially with these expenses where appropriate.

TLI Cycling has re-engaged with VeloUK and with the assistance of our new PR Officer, will both promote upcoming events and report the results. Michael will also be adding content to our website to more fully document the history and achievements of past and present members of TLI Cycling.
The Executive is actively exploring the possibilities of more race promotions on historic closed circuits. The National Championships [Road/Time trial and Circuit] will take place between 31st August and 22nd September and the Race calendar should be ready for publication by year end.
It only remains for me as Chairman to thank every one of our Members for their participation in and administration of our races and the executives for their tireless support during
during 2023.

Our progress has been remarkable and we will continue to chase every opportunity to assist in any way those members wishing to promote races.

Thank you all and on behalf of “the Management” offer our sincerest wishes to all members for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best regards
Graham Weigh
TLI Cycling Ltd