TLI Cycling Rules and Regulations

A copy of the TLI Cycling Rule and Regulations is available on the downloads page and available to read here.

(1) Membership

1.1 Membership of TLI Cycling

Membership of TLI Cycling is available to everybody aged 6 years and over and is on an annual basis, with the year commencing on the 1st of January with the membership period expiring at the end of January in the following year. No refunds will be given to members who resign during the year. Any Member failing to renew their membership before 1 February shall be deemed to have resigned their membership and will then cease to receive the benefits of such membership.

1.2 Annual Membership

Annual Membership for a member aged from 6 years up to his/her 16th birthday – £10

For a member aged 16 plus on the date of the membership application – £20.00

For none racing members£10.00

1.3 Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance. All Members of TLI Cycling are indemnified by up to £10 Million Public Liability Insurance indemnity whilst competing in any TLI Cycling event or promotion. Taking part in events organised by ICF affiliated bodies in Europe is also included.

Junior Members, and older, are also indemnified for general cycling activities except commuting. This indemnity is applicable within the UK & Northern Island, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Youth Members are indemnified whilst participating in TLI Cycling competitive events, but not for any other cycling activity.

1.4 Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance are held by TLI Cycling for the added protection of Organisers, Event Officials and National Council members.

Please note that any accident or incident leading to a possible claim MUST be reported to the National Secretary as soon as is possible.

There should be no admission of guilt nor should any dialogue or correspondence be entered into. Any correspondence received should be forwarded to the National Secretary on receipt.

1.5 Any individual joining TLI Cycling

Any individual joining TLI Cycling agrees to uphold the current Rules, Regulations and Aims of TLI Cycling. They must not have a history of inappropriate participation or other unacceptable activity.

1.6 All applicants for Membership

All applicants for Membership, either new or renewing, must confirm they are not under suspension by any other cycling organisation and, if so, should present valid reasons as to why any such suspension should not apply to TLI Cycling activities.

(2) Racing

2.1 Age Categories:

TLI Cycling competitors are allocated to age-related categories, as shown on the TLI Cycling Membership Card / Licence.

Youth CategoriesMale & Female
Aged 6 and over until 31 December of year in which 8th birthday fallsYE
From 1 January in year which 9th birthday falls to 31 December in year which 10th birthday fallsYD
From 1 January in year which 11th birthday falls to 31 December in year which 12th birthday fallsYC
From 1 January in year which 13th birthday falls to 31 December in year which 14th birthday fallsYB
From 1 January in year which 15th birthday falls to 31 December in year which 16th birthday fallsYA

*On turning 16 riders have the option to compete either as a 'Youth A' or as a 'J' or, if female, as a 'WJ'.
This is not reversible.

Para-Cycling Categories
Para cyclists who have previously self- identified to their Region representative will have been allocated a category for racing as follows:

Para-Cycling CategoriesMale & Female
MC 1 & 2will compete with the age group 10 years older. (Two Categories Older).
MC 3will compete with the age group 5 years older. (One Categories Older).
MC 4 & 5will compete with their correct age related group. (No Category Change).
Junior Age CategoriesMaleFemale
16 or 17JWJ
Senior Age Categories Riders will change category on 1st January of the year of their appropriate birthdayMaleFemale
18 – 29SB
30 – 39MC
40 – 44AD
45 – 49BE
50 – 54CF
55 – 59DG
60 – 64EH
65 – 69FH
70 - 74GH

Note: Note: In the case of any dispute on the grounds of age or gender the details entered on the competitors original Birth Certificate will be the determining factor.

2.2 Any TLI Cycling member:

may, at the discretion of the organiser, request a category reallocation if finding difficulty competing in their allotted category.

Similarly, faster riders may compete with a younger group, subject to the organiser’s agreement, if they require more competition.

Anyone riding “out of category” will not be shown in the published results on the TLI Cycling website, nor are they eligible for any prize(s).

In National Championship events, all entrants must compete in their correct category.

Organisers must not allow category changes to enable an individual to ride in the same race as their teammates.

2.3 Membership of other cycling bodies

Membership of other cycling bodies does not bar participation in TLI Cycling events.

2.4 All competitors wishing to enter a race:

on the day of the event must present themselves to Race Control with the correct and fully completed Entry Form, at least 45 minutes before the start. All pre-entered riders must be signed-on by 30 minutes before the start, after which time Reserves may sign on and be allocated to fill any vacancies, up to the maximum permitted number of competitors.

2.5 Cycles used for road or circuit racing:

shall be fitted with a freewheel and two independent brakes in good working order and, with the exception of races for U8, U10, U12 and U14 categories, only the traditional type of ‘drop’ handlebars may be used. Fixed extensions, such as tri bars, are not permitted in group-start events. It is the responsibility of the competitor and/or the parent or guardian in the case of under 18s, to ensure that for every race held under these regulations his/her cycle is in a safe condition.

2.6 Race clothing:

must be that in current use in International Cycle Racing. Trade designs are permitted, but offensive slogans or badges are strictly forbidden. The organiser’s decision is final.

2.7 Members should produce:

their Membership /Licence Card at Race Control. For Members who have pre entered on-line, photo ID Is acceptable. Organiserswill refuse entry to the eventwhere a current Licence or acceptable photo IDis not produced. All Full members who enter “on the day” must present a current TLI Cycling Licence.

2.8 Approved helmets:

are compulsory in all TLI Cycling events.

2.9 Any competitor proved

to have taken part in any event whilst under the influence of a recreational drug or performance enhancing substance currently on the “proscribed list” of the International Olympic Committee, WADA or UKAD, shall be disqualified and subject to TLI Cycling disciplinary procedures. Exception will only be made for medication prescribed by a registered Doctor and used as prescribed for medical reasons.

2.10 The onus lies:

with the competitor to observe the Highway Code and to conform to any laws, current and applicable, in whichever European country the event is taking place.

2.11 Riding with both hands off the bars:

or adopting an unsafe aero riding position, such as sitting on the toptube, can result in disqualification from a race.

2.12 In events with multiple races:

for different age groups, when a slower race is caught and passed by a faster race, the slower race shall allow the faster race to establish it self separately in front of the slower race.It is not permitted for riders from the slower race to gain advantage by joining the faster moving race. This applies equally to breaks and lone riders.If a break from a faster race catches groups of riders from a slower race, the caught riders may not join in or contribute in any way to the break or do anything else that affects the course of that race.

2.13 Disciplinary action:

will be taken against any member who is found to be interfering with or participating in a race without having officially entered or signed on for that race.

2.14 Procedure for cases of Unacceptable Riding or Behaviour by Members:

any member who, in the opinion of a National Council Disciplinary Panel, acts in a way that is contrary to the ethos of TLI Cycling, is likely to be suspended or permanently disqualified from membership.

Stage One –

Any complaint of unacceptable behaviour or dangerous riding made by other riders, race helpers or members of the public should be directed to the Race Organiser. The organiser will gather views and evidence from as many members and helpers present as possible, including the subject of the complaint. If the complaint seems to be well founded, the organiser will warn the subject of the complaint that the incident will be investigated and action may be taken. If the organiser considers it a minor incident, they may take immediate action, such as disqualification from the race, or a warning, or take the complaint no further.

Stage Two –

If the event organiser considers it a serious case they will inform their Regional Representative(s) on the National Council about the incident and share the information they have gathered. If the Regional Representative(s) agree that it is serious case and requires action, they will nominate a panel of three National Council members to consider the case. The panel will gather any additional information they deem necessary, and contact the subject to ask for his/her account of the incident. The panel will discuss the case (by email or phone if they cannot meet) and inform the subject of their decision by post.

Stage Three –

the subject of the complaint may appeal against any sanction to the National secretary of TLI Cycling who will convene a further panel of three National Council members. The decision of any second panel will be final. TLI Cycling will observe and apply any sanctions imposed The BMCR, CTT or BC.

(3) Event Promotion

3.1 Event Promotion

All promotional material concerning events must include the words: “Under The Rules and Regulations of TLI Cycling”.

3.2 Race Organisers

Race Organisers must complete a Race Application Form, which should then be forwarded to the Region Representative / Event Coordinator of the Region where the Race will take place. The Region Representative / Event Coordinator will enter event details on the race calendar of the TLI Cycling website. Approval may be refused by the Region Representative / Event Coordinator who will, if challenged, justify this action to the National Council via the National Secretary.

3.3 No event may be styled

No event may be styled as a WORLD, EUROPEAN, OR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, or use the name TLI Cycling, as an event title, without the prior approval of the National Council.

3.4 All Races on public roads

All Races on public roads are governed by the CYCLE RACING ON THE HIGHWAYS REGULATIONS 1960 and any subsequent amendment regulations, or any variations which may apply in Wales or Scotland.

3.5 Race organisers

Race organisers must use the approved ‘STANDARD REGISTRATION SHEET’ without any alteration to the text for signing-on at all events.

3.6 TLI Cycling will invite:

the promotion of a National Road Race and Closed Circuit Championships for every age category which will be open only to full members. Competitors must ride in their correct age related group. National Championship Jerseys and medals will be awarded to each category as described below

The Championship Jerseys:

are to be White with Red, White and Blue, bands, with the TLI Cycling Logo integrated into the design. Sponsors names may also be shown on the Jerseys.
National Championships, in disciplines other than Road Racing, may be promoted if approved by the National Council.

All National Championship events will be promoted on the understanding that the event organiser bears the full costs of the event

There will be a separate “WJ” National Championship for Female Juniors. The WJ group will ride with one of the older age-related categories. This category may be used by organisers in any TLI Cycling event.

In TLI Cycling National Road Race Championships and in other TLI Cycling National Championships where Category Jerseys and Medals are presented, the minimum number of entrants for a National Champion or Category Jersey to be awarded is three (3). Where there are fewer than three (3) entrants in an age category, those competitors will be eligible for “medals only” in that category.

At the National Circuit Race Championships, Female Youth category entrants will be eligible for Jerseys and / or medals as described above.

3.7 The format of Races

The format of Races other than the National Championships (see Rule 3.6) is generally left to the Organisers of such Races. However: –

A) Whilst it is understood that the number of entries per category, or circuit length, may determine the format, the aim is to maximise the enjoyment of the age-related racing experience.

This will lead to two or three consecutive age related races, separated by a few minutes, or a Handicap style of event.

B) Organisers are encouraged to apply the principle of “one rider-one prize”

Allocation to groups in a Handicap event should be on an age-related basis.

C) Results should be entered on the TLI Cycling Facebook page and show the age-related category of each finisher. Where a Start Sheet has been produced, then each competitor’s name must have his/her age-related category shown alongside.

3.8 Race Field Selection

Race Field Selection – For all road and closed circuit races, organisers will consider entries from 6 weeks before the date of the event (or first event in a Series).

If the event is oversubscribed, entries will close no earlier than 3 weeks before the date of the first race for the selection to take place. In this case the organiser should:

Firstly, give preference to members from clubs, sponsored teams or to groups of individuals, which are promoting TLI Cycling events in the current year.

Secondly, give preference to clubs which are promoting events for the BMCR in the current year.

E.g: –

Maximum Number of Entrants permitted on public roads at any one time is 80 (1960 Racing on the Highway Regs), unless the organiser has requested, and the Police have granted, “Special Permission” under the “1960 Regs and Subsequent Amendments”. Please note: Wales and Scotland operate under different Regs to England.

For a “closed circuit race”, not on public roads, the maximum number of competitors will be determined by the organiser’s Risk Assessment for the course.

Allocate the entrants to 2, preferably 3, Age-Related Races.

Maximum of 40 competitors in any one race on public roads, unless a handicap format is used. (TLI Cycling good practice to minimise accidents or inconvenience).

Check that the correct Age-Related TLI Cycling Categories have been allocated.

Check that Female Entrants are in their correct category, as shown on their licence.

Therefore, the number of entries to return is xx

Rejection Criteria: –

Prioritise the TLI Cycling event-promoting clubs in the current year.

If the event is oversubscribed with TLI Cycling “event promoting clubs” entrants, the following will apply:-

  • Identify teams of 4 or more and select 3 only or, if necessary fewer and so on, to achieve the statutory number of competitors, not including reserves. Allocate any remaining places to other TLI Cycling members then:
  • Prioritise the current year’s BMCR event promoting clubs (where known), using the above criteria, to achieve the maximum number of competitors allowed, plus reserves.

3.9 Race Organisers

Race Organisers are responsible for the initial liaison with the Police and any Safety Advisory Groups. The Organiser must hold a copy of all correspondence with these authorities on the event file. It is a requirement that the file is taken to the event HQ on the day of the event to answer questions from the Police or other such officials who may be in attendance.

3.10 Series Coordinator

Any set of events organised as a Series must have an identified Series Coordinator who will be ultimately responsible for the administration and smooth running of all the events.

3.11 Series Coordinator

Organisers are responsible for arranging a set of Competent Officials and Race Marshals for the duration of the race. These Officials should include a Steward in control of signing-on the riders prior to the start, and Judges for the race finish. The Organiser may appoint a Race Controller/Safety Officer, to assist with the race management, with delegated power to make decisions. The identity of such a person should be made known to the Police on request.

3.12 Fairness for all

To ensure a degree of “fairness for all” when triggering preferential event entry, the following criteria will apply for the members of OPEN EVENT organisers' clubs.

Single Closed Circuit Event.
One Organising Club Only.
(Region Reps may use discretion if it is a complex circuit set up. Eg, Road Closures)

Single Road Circuit (Public Roads) Event.
Up to Two Promoting Clubs.

Series on Closed or Public Roads.
One Club (Srs Coordinator) plus up to three Assistant

Organising Clubs for 4 or more events.

3.13 Organiser

The Organiser must arrange for qualified first aid support to be in attendance. Preferably First Aiders should travel in a following vehicle at road race type events.

Covered changing accommodation with toilet facilities should be provided where at all possible.

3.14 First Aid

The Organiser must arrange for qualified first aid support to be in attendance. Preferably First Aiders should travel in a following vehicle at road race type events.

3.15 Organisers Should

Organisers should budget for and be prepared to provide travelling expenses to all Race Officials

3.16 Organiser should forward

Within seven days of any event the Organiser should forward the Event Return Form, originals of the Standard Registration Sheets, retaining copies for the record. The Organiser and the Region Representative / Event Coordinator will keep all copies for one year. In the event of any accident/incident at an event, all forms, documents, etc. must be retained until any possible insurance claims have been resolved

3.16 Incidents / Accidents

Incidents / Accidents that may result in a claim against the TLI Cycling Insurance Cover should be notified immediately to the National Secretary, using the form in the Promoters Pack.

3.17 Incidents / Accidents

Organisers should enter the Event Results on the TLI Cycling website and recognise “age-related” categories on the Start Sheet, Result Sheet and within the Prize List. (Where entry numbers dictate, some categories may be amalgamated for Prize Allocation purposes). These results maybe forwarded to the national cycling press. Failure to comply with the requirements in 3.16 and 3.17 could result in future event support from TLI Cycling being withheld or withdrawn.

3.18 Promotion debts

TLI Cycling will not be held responsible for promotional debts incurred by any Organiser. However requests for financial assistance prior to an event will be considered.

3.19 Refusal of entry

The Organiser may refuse any entry, but in the case of complaint may be required to give an adequate reason for such action to the National Council. A refusal of an entry must be advised immediately to the rider concerned.

3.20 Risk Assessments

Course Risk Assessments are a ‘Requirement of TLI Cycling’ and completion of the relevant forms contained in the Promoters Pack and/or downloadable from the TLI Cycling website, is a must. A copy of the Risk Assessment must be displayed at the Race HQ for the duration of the event.

3.21 Organisers of 'Off Road' and 'Circuit' events

Organisers of ‘Off Road’ and ‘Circuit’ events on privately owned land must have permission to use the area, preferably in writing, before promoting any events.

3.22 TLI Cycling Organisers

TLI Cycling Organisers have full responsibility for their events and are given flexibility in their style of promotion. However, anyone not abiding by our Rules and Regulations, and the Law of the Land as it applies to “Cycle Racing on the Highway” will risk voiding their Event Insurance. This could lead to organisers being personally liable for any consequences. An Organiser who wilfully ignores these Rules and Regulations will have any further request to promote under TLI Cycling rules refused.

3.23 Fixing Dates

If there is a conflict in fixing dates for the forthcoming season, any event which has been satisfactorily promoted in the previous year shall be given priority for the corresponding date in the forthcoming season.

3.24 Borrowing equipment

Where an individual, club or organisation borrows equipment belonging to TLI Cycling, it shall be returned in the same condition as when it was taken, excepting reasonable wear and tear. Any deterioration or loss beyond such limits shall be made good at the expense of the borrower.

3.25 Serious Accidents Procedure:

Serious Accidents Procedure: If there is an Accident / Incident during any TLI Cycling event, the race officials at the scene will assess the seriousness of the situation and, if necessary, take action to halt the event.

In making the decision the race officials will take into consideration the following: –

  • The condition and position of any injured person(s).
  • Whether an ambulance or other emergency vehicles will require access to the location road and create a necessary obstruction.
  • The visibility for competitors and other road users at the scene of the accident / incident.
  • Any other relevant factors, such as queueing traffic, the risk to passing competitors or public and whether or not the race will pass the accident / incident again.
  • Any risks associated with halting the race.

If in doubt, race officials should halt the race and form a protective area around the scene of the accident / incident.

The appropriate Emergency Service(s) must be contacted without delay.

In the case of a known fatality the race must be stopped at the first possible safe opportunity, taking into account the conditions listed above.

Any decision will be communicated without delay to the Event Organiser or other “designated” official.”