Membership of TLI Cycling is available to everybody aged 6 years and over and costs £15 for those aged 18 and over, £10 for those aged 16 or 17 and is free to under 16-year-olds. Full membership is on an annual basis, with the year commencing on the 1st of February, and is mandatory if you wish to compete in events on the open road. Day Membership is also available for off-road and closed circuit events at a cost of £10 (again free for those under 16) and allows you to compete in a single event, or multiple events on the same day.
Benefits of annual membership for Junior and Senior members include public limited liability cover while out training and while involved in other TLI Cycling recognised activities such as club riding. It does not cover commuting and/or travelling between home and a place of work.

TLI Cycling is a voluntary organisation, run by its members for the benefit of our members and as such, as a member, you are expected to be involved in our day to day activities and may be required to at least occasionally help out with the organisation or marshalling of events.

How to join

Go to the ‘Join or Renew button, where you will directed to RiderHQ. You have the choice of paying online via PayPal (with the option of paying by debit or credit card if you do not have a PayPal account), or sending a cheque with your application form by post. You will be emailed a membership card that must be produced when requested at any event entered throughout the year.



Fancy having a go at cycle racing but don’t yet want to make the committment of applying for annual membership of TLI Cycling?
For certain closed-circuit races or off-road events, the organiser may allow you to compete as a TLI Cycling Day Member for only £10.00 (plus the cost of the race entry fee and any administration charge that the organiser may add), although for those aged under 18 years of age Day membership is free. This qualifies you a for ride in any one of the events that are organized in the UK throughout the year which are open to Day Members, although due to demand we can’t guarantee that you will be able to enter some of the more popular events which are often fully subscribed several weeks ahead of the date of the race, and where preference is given to full members.
Day membership must be taken out for each day of a closed-circuit or off-road multi-stage race, but membership covers all stages on the same day (i.e. a time trial stage and a road race stage).

To join as a Day Member please go to the downloads section of this website to download a copy of the Event Entry & Day Membership application form.
Certain type of events such as circuit or cyclo-cross races, where the size of the field may not be limited, may allow you to turn up and enter on the day, but please do not rely on this! The event organiser probably has enough to worry about!
You must present yourself to Race Control with a fully completed Event Entry & Day Membership application form at least 45 minutes before the start. Otherwise no ride!
Do not expect the event organiser to have copies of the application form. It’s your responsibility to download one!


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  • 6-16 years old
  • Membership from 1st February 2019 – 31st January 2020


  • 16 or 17 years old
  • Membership from 1st February 2019 – 31st January 2020


  • 18 years plus
  • Membership from 1st February 2019 – 31st January 2020