Dear TLI Cycling Organiser.

This is to let you know that you can now input your 2020 Event Details to the RiderHQ database.

Before starting you must be a TLI Cycling 2020 Member and have sent your Event Application Form to your Region Representative or Event Coordinator.

When your Event has been added to the RHQ database, the Region Rep or Event Coordinator will receive notification from RHQ that your event is ready for Approval.
Your Region will be allocated according the postcode of the Event HQ, so this is an important detail.
You may be asked to edit some of your Event’s details before Approval is given.

When satisfied, the Region Rep / Event Coordinator will Approve your event.
It will then be visible to everyone viewing the RiderHQ Event Calendar.
It will also be visible on the Event Calendar on the website.

“Private” Events will not be approved, but you can specify who is eligible to enter (e.g. Promoting Club Members Only) in the Event Description. Members of clubs who promote events restricted by “invitation only”, or specific club membership, will not be eligible for preferential entry where an event is oversubscribed unless the Club also promotes an “open” TLI Cycling event.

Multiple Events Require a Series Coordinator.

After setting up your Series, if you wish to do so, you will be able to allocate organiser responsibilities for each event within a Series. Organiser Registration is no longer required but any designated organiser must be present at the event and not participating in it.

Please choose a date for entries to “Open” around 6 weeks before the event date and, where the event is likely to be oversubscribed, choose a field selection date no earlier than 3 weeks before the event date.

Race Field selection should be in accordance with the TLI Cycling criteria published in the 2020 Promoters Pack, (3) Event Promotion, 3.8 Race Field Selection
Remember that the additional charge for Day Members Age 16 and older is £10. there are no Day Member costs for Youth Members.

When you are ready to start:
The TLI Cycling / RiderHQ “Add An Event” instructions are  in the “Downloads” section of and are attached below.

EITHER go directly to RiderHQ

OR go to our new website at
Click on Event Organisation, then click on Add Event.

Please remember, this is early days and a learning curve for all of us. There will be issues!Do not hesitate to contact your Region Rep or Event Coordinator if you need to discuss either the procedure or our requirements.Contact RHQ directly, using their link, if you have a question re the RHQ website.

Best wishes, and Thank-you for organising a TLI Cycling event.